Our Customers Ask...

Q. Why should I choose East Coast Powerwashing for my pressure washing needs?                           

A.  We know there are many competing power washing companies on craigslist and online. While most of these are weekend warriors or part-time guys, we are a full service professional pressure washing company. Our licensing, insurance and workman’s comp are all specific for power washing. You may think that a high quality professional cleaner would charge more for their specialized services but often times we are price are very competitive and sometimes lower than others. Our professional equipment and trained technicians are able to do a better, more thorough cleaning than guys with non-commercial equipment. 

Q. Will Power Washing damage my siding?

A. We use low pressure, aka “soft washing” when power washing vinyl and aluminum sidings. This is the safest, least intrusive way to clean siding.

Q. What is the difference between pressure washing and power washing?                                                 

A. Pressure washing used to be the standard practice for house washes, however it has been discovered that pressure washing can damage surfaces on a home and it does not completely kill the organic materials (mold, mildew, or algae) that can grow on a home. Soft washing is not only safer for your siding, it does kill the organic materials as well as keep it from growing on the home for longer.

Q. Are the chemicals you use safe?

A. Yes, we use special cleaners to remove algae, mold and other pollutants. No damage will be done to surrounding plant life or landscaping, in fact your plants may look even better after we are done. Our chemicals are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. All surface will be ready for immediate use after we leave the premises.

Q. Will pressure washing damage my windows or force water into my home?

A. No, because we are using low pressure cleaning these dangers are limited. That being said, windows seals that are very weak or failing may experience some water entry, but this will be minimal due to our low pressure cleaning methods. To prepare for soft washing, make sure all your windows are tightly closed.  We are soft-washing your siding not your windows so you may see water spots from the spray.

Q. Is there anything that power washing does not remove?

Yes, unfortunately there are. The a few things that pressure washing will not remove is the “white powdery” oxidation that forms over time, and whats called “artillery fungus” which are the small pin like dots that can sometimes be seen on the lower part of siding in northern Virginia.  Currently there is no way to remove artillery fungus (a quick google search will pull up more info on this fungus, also known as “shotgun fungus.”) Also soft-washing will not remove permanent stains or existing damage.

Q. What if I need additional services?

A.  Our technicians can provide an "on-the-spot" quotes for additional services that can be done the same day, if time allows.  They can also let you know what the cost will be if they need to come back at another time. We are always happy to help make your property look its best.

Q. What if I get several neighbors to sign up for services?

A. We love to provide services to several customers in the same neighborhood.  If we can service multiple homes the same day or series of days, our travel costs are lower so we pass savings on to you through our Neighborhood Discount.

Q. What are Touch-ups?

A. Occasionally we will need to return to your property to touch-up a job.  When we  leave your property your siding, deck, fence or other surface is usually wet.  Even though we inspect your property before leaving, we may miss spotting an area that needs more attention.  There is no charge for one touch-up.  Remember though that pressure washing will not remove permanent stains or fix damaged areas.

Q. Are you properly licensed and insured?

A. Yes we are properly licensed to work in northern Virginia and have insurance coverage up to $1,000,000. We also carry workman’s compensation for all employees. It's important to make sure that anyone working on your property is properly insured. 

Q. Do you offer any warranties or guarantees?

A. Yes we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work.

Q. How often should my siding be cleaned?

A. It is recommended that siding should be cleaned regularly to maintain it. By doing regular washings, you are ensuring that organic materials will not begin growing on the home.

Q. Do I need to be home when service is provided?

A. No, we can complete your job while you are out or at work.  Just make sure that all windows are tightly closed, the outside water is on and outside electrical outlets are working. If we need access to the yard, make sure that all gates are unlocked. And should you have any pets, make sure that they are indoors.

Q. Should I tip the technician?

A. This is entirely up to you.  Our technicians work hard and take great pride in their work. While they appreciate tips, they are also happy for your business, comments, referrals and reviews.