Deck Cleaning

Proper deck maintenance will prolong the life of decking

We clean all kinds of decks, from wood to composite/trex or any other type of composite decking. Whether its a yearly maintenance cleaning or a deck that has not been cleaned in 10+ years, we can get it clean. One of the most important things to do with a wood deck is to make sure it has a stain or seal coat of some sort applied at regular intervals – every other year or 3 years. If a deck has a good seal coat or stain then yearly power washing  maintenance is much more effective. Exposed wood can accumulate mold and mildew stains much deeper then sealed wood and it takes higher pressure and stronger cleaners to clean. We can also power wash all kinds of wood – from fences to pergolas and latticework.

Preparing For Your Visit

Before the technician arrives, make sure you do the following:

  1. Close all windows tightly
  2. Remove all deck furniture and other items
  3. Turn on the outside water
  4. Check the outside power sources
  5. Arrange for payment

We will do our best to make your home sparkle!